Skip Ford Wants to Help Students Who Struggle Financially

Lawrence and Diane Ford

Lawrence "Skip" Ford and his wife, Diane, both share an appreciation for Campbellsville University.

By: Benji Kelly, Vice President for Development

Lawrence "Skip" Ford was blessed to grow up in a Christian home and refers to himself as a "homemade Christian," because he was taught Christian values from an early age. Furthermore, his mother's love was very protective, and he jokes that until he was 5 years old, he thought his given name was "Be Careful."

Ford graduated from Male High School in Louisville, Kentucky and was attracted to Campbellsville College in part because it was close to home. His first experience away from home resulted in a major case of homesickness.

However, his adjustment to campus life became much easier when he began working as a manager of the men's basketball team. He soon became involved in other student activities.

Some of the friendships he formed have lasted even until today. He gives credit to Campbellsville for providing him the opportunity to grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

After graduating from Campbellsville College in 1958, he completed his bachelor's degree while attending part time at the University of Louisville. During those years he married his childhood sweetheart and had a great marriage for 40 years until her untimely death from a chronic illness.

Over ten years ago, God blessed Ford with a new love by way of his marriage to a wonderful wife, Diane. Mrs. Ford is an adopted member of the Campbellsville University class of '58 and shares Ford's appreciation for Campbellsville University.

Several years ago, as Ford was reflecting on his days at Campbellsville College, he remembered how important the Christian education he received influenced his life. He believes God calls all believers to be good stewards of their God-given resources and to use them for the expansion of Christ's kingdom on earth. Consequently, Ford decided to make a bequest in his will to Campbellsville University.

He said, "I want to help kids who struggle financially to get access to a good Christian education at Campbellsville University."

Ford believes Campbellsville University is a wonderful place to invest in the lives of young people who will become ambassadors for Christ in our world.

Investing in Young People

You, like Skip Ford, can help future students receive a quality, Christian education. To learn more about including a gift to Campbellsville University in your will, or to explore other giving opportunities, please contact Benji Kelly at or 270.789.5061.

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