A Life of Honesty

Elaine Akin

Elaine Akin

One important element that Elaine Akin tries to bring to her prayer life is honesty.

"It is an opportunity for soul searching, and I know I cannot kid God," Elaine says.

Like many others, she has experienced heartaches in her life. Her Christian faith has been tested many times, but she affirms that God is sovereign and says, "I'm going to love Him no matter what."

God has blessed her with the ability to express her emotions through poetry. Her poems have won prizes and been published in poetry journals. She has recently published her latest book, Flute Player.

Elaine is energized by her creativity. She says one area feeds the others. Having always had an interest in art, she now finds great satisfaction in working with a ministry of St. Matthews Baptist Church called God's Design. They use donated furniture to decorate homes for people who have successfully completed various rehabilitation programs. Elaine is in charge of the pictures and felt especially gratified when an ex-prisoner walked over to a wall and said, "I have never lived in a place with pictures before."

Elaine is not a Campbellsville University graduate but she and her mother became interested in the university through their friendship with Dr. H.M. Coker and his wife, Mary Ellen. Dr. Coker had been the pastor of their church in Hodgenville but retired and was living in Campbellsville. He introduced them to the college and, after visiting the campus and getting to know the president Dr. Ken Winters and his wife, Shirley, they became interested. Then, seeing how God was working in the lives of students and how His love was so evident in those they met, they became faithful members of the President's Club.

After the death of her mother and both husbands, Elaine was called on by Tim Heilman and his father, Dr. E. Bruce Heilman, an impressive team indeed. It didn't take long to rekindle an interest in the university. After more visits to the campus, Elaine was impressed that every dream Dr. Winters and Shirley had shared with her and her mother had been realized, and more.

She is convinced that supporting Campbellsville University is an investment in the future.

"If our leaders of tomorrow do not come from those imbued with the values taught by Jesus," she believes, "our Democracy will not survive."

Her desire is that others will join her and include Campbellsville University in their estate plan. Contact Benji Kelly at 270.789.5061 or jbkelly@campbellsville.edu to learn more today, at no obligation.

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